Best Types of Wooden Doors

Are you ready to buy your wooden doors? Just when you thought your options were so limited, there are actually many you can find on the market. Not only do they vary in terms of design and color, but also in the type of wood they are made of.

When you are buying wood doors, it would be better to select those that are made of solid wood. They can be very heavy and expensive, but they are also very durable. They do not give easily to wear and tear, especially if your panels are made of fiberboard. This way, they will not expand and contract every time the climate changes.

Types of solid wood

For your wooden doors, you can choose any of the following solid hardwoods below:


A wooden door made of American walnut will be very durable. After all, hickory has survived 50 million years. But you can also expect your door to be very heavy. The good thing about them is that there are a variety of textures to choose from. For example, your grain can be wavy or straight. Also, when you want to change the finish of your American walnut doors, it will be very easy. This is because they are also extremely easy to sand and finish. Their finish can vary from medium to dark.


Another popular type of wood door is the ash door. They may not be as strong as American walnut, but they are shock resistant. It doesn’t matter how many times you knock on the door or apply any kind of pressure to it. It will still be very strong. The strength of the wooden door will be according to its total weight.


Cedar doors are known for their natural beauty. They can range from dark brown to red or even honey beige. They also look very elegant and classy, which can be perfect for large or rustic style homes. Above all, they are very stable. They don’t warp or twist easily, which usually happens when the wood starts to contract or expand. Nor do they easily absorb water, which means they are not easily damaged by high moisture content.


There are countless types of pines, so you know that there is a wide variety of wooden doors you can select from. Also, they tend to grow very fast, which means they are either overproductive or underproductive. This then reduces the cost of production. You can expect great savings if you buy pine wood doors. Pines are also very convenient for pain and finishing.


There are two common types of maple. You can have the hard maple and the soft maple. A number of wooden doors are made from the latter. But don’t be fooled by its name. They can be very hard, almost similar to cherry trees. Their colors can be between light brown and dark red. They are the favorite of those who build rustic houses or log cabins. They give a cozy atmosphere.

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