Horse Riding

Horseback riding. What is it?

When we think about sport, we have either individual or team activity in mind. The third type of sport is one that takes place with one partner. We don’t compete with him, he is a great support for us, and if we add that he is an animal, no one should have any doubts that it is about horseback riding.kissing a horse in the sun.

It’s certainly not an easy sport. It requires many hours of work, effort and patience. Starting your adventure in the saddle, it is important to remember that the basic element of learning to ride a horse is to establish a positive bond with the mount. When he feels our peace, composure, patience, we have a guarantee that he will pay us back.

Why horseback riding?

Learning to ride a horse from year to year is becoming more and more popular type of spending active leisure time. Riding centres, stud farms, smaller agritourism and stables for horses are being established. All of them excel in their offer: riding camps, holidays in the saddle, holidays in the saddle and weekends in the saddle, and this is only a small part.

Natural, riding on the blind taking into account all the positive aspects of horse riding, we have nothing to be surprised about, because most of all it provides us with a close contact with these wonderful, noble animals which are horses.

And we don’t only think of their obvious beauty, the personification of strength and grace, but also of many other qualities that are much more important than beauty – loyalty, devotion and trust. When we deal with a horse with a gentle character, we can expect him to be a perfect companion for unforgettable adventures.

Advantages of horseback riding

The beneficial effect of horses on humans is obvious. Apart from influencing the human physical sphere – stimulation of almost all body muscles (especially legs, buttocks, abdomen, spine), shaping a simple posture, improving the efficiency of the heart, cardiovascular system and general condition, as well as lowering pressure and stress-related tensions – horse riding also affects the mental sphere.

It increases self-confidence, shapes responsibility, develops teamwork skills and duty. We win an infinite friend – loyal and and man face is a face in the sky

Horseback riding has so many advantages that it’s difficult to list and count them all. One thing is certain, however, apart from the basic advantages that almost all sports have, horse riding has the advantage that, thanks to contact with the animal, learning to ride is more than just an ordinary sport. It has a positive effect not only on our body, but also on our spirit. It is also worth mentioning its therapeutic properties, which probably influences the popularity of this sport.


Those who have already started their adventure in the saddle know how pleasant it is to go for a ride in the woods, meadows or fields and, together with friends, to wander through the forest, jump over natural obstacles or swim in the water. But before that, you need to acquire a lot of skills – you cannot overestimate your own strength or the skills of your horse.

Gallop in the forest, horseback riding in the beginnings may seem difficult, especially since every horse is different and you have to feel its character. Some can make friends quickly, others need more time for this.

However, if we learn the basic rules of horse riding, we will very quickly feel a great pleasure from communing with this animal. We will gain the ability to awaken trust in the horse. And then riding in the field, galloping on the Vistula embankments are just some of the experiences we can experience.

If we have our own horse or we always ride the same steed, after some time we will feel the harmony between the horse and the rider. Smooth movements, which are a condition for proper riding, are the result of cooperation between man and animal. The feeling that such harmony has been achieved increases the joy we get.


learning how to ride a horse on a manege Not only horse lovers decide to practice riding. Not only the thigh and calf muscles, but also the upper parts of the muscles work during horseback riding. In addition, horse riding perfectly relaxes and stretches our muscles, which of course has a positive effect on our silhouette.

Riding on horseback is recommended for those who are struggling with various health problems. Starting from therapy with the use of horses (hippotherapy), which is used for disabled people, to exercises indicated in case of posture defects. The gentle, swaying movements that the horse makes in the tarsus loosen up the muscles and at the same time force the correct posture.

During the ride, the muscles are relaxed, stretched and strengthened, which makes it possible to stop posture defects and prepare the muscles to maintain correct posture. Horse riding also has a positive effect on the improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. All this is done very gently and gradually, so the therapy takes time, but the effects are almost certain.

For the spirit

The contact with horses also has a salutary effect on the human psyche. Riding horses is not only the pleasure and satisfaction resulting from fruitful cooperation and playing with the animal. Specialists recommend horse riding also in cases of emotional disorders, as well as in situations of social maladjustment.

Relaxing movements that we feel while riding relax, calm us down and make us understand ourselves and our own body better, and thanks to that we are able to cooperate more easily with our surroundings.

A horse is a calm and rational animal, which is why a human being manages to cooperate with it so well. The countless benefits and pleasures that result from this cooperation show that the horse is a perfect friend and companion of the man.