Riding – is it painful to fall off a horse?

Horses are animals that can get scared and start to crawl or gallop. Riding on horseback carries the risk of a quicker or later fall. See what can happen when you fall off your horse. Discover ways to improve your own safety while riding.

Are falls from a horse painful?

In most cases (especially for beginners) falls from a horse are not serious. Learning to ride a horse is initially done in slower gaits. Horses with a calmer nature and more experience are also chosen for them. In such situations the consequences are not too serious. Mainly horse riders get bruises, scratches or contusions. The pain of such injuries is usually small.

The problem may occur when falling from a horse is accompanied by a fall on an obstacle (e.g. a fence, a tree or a stone). Falls on the head can also be dangerous (especially when the rider does not have a helmet). Falling from a horse poses a risk of serious injuries such as spine, head or fractures and twists of limbs. These injuries can be really painful. It is therefore worth taking care of your own safety while practising this sport.

Every rider will one day pass a fall from a horse

Falls from a horse are most common for beginners. Sometimes – contrary to appearances – they also concern professional riders. Unfortunately the falls cannot be predicted. For this reason there is also no universal and injury-free method of preventing it.

However, it is possible to learn to control falls from a horse and reduce their effects. What is more, the nature of falls depends largely on the size of the horse. When falling from a tall mount, the rider has more time to turn, prepare and safely land on the ground.

A safe rider – a prudent always insured

When starting to train your horse riding, you should take care of the appropriate riding costume. It should have a protective function. It is important to wear a certified helmet. It reduces the risk of head injuries (among the most serious injuries).

A protective vest is also essential. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the correct size – this will reduce the risk of chest injuries in case of a fall. You should also use fuse stirrups and wear shoes that do not catch on the stirrups. For example, shoes with a smooth sole with a small heel.

What’s more, the rider should wear gloves – they help to keep a firm grip and prevent abrasions. It is also important that the saddle is well attached and the stirrup length is adjusted accordingly.

Falling technique from the horse’s back

Learning how to fall from a horse should cover all possible sides of the fall. It is particularly important to direct the body to the side. Falling in front of the horse may end in serious consequences (the horse may lose the rider). Similarly, falling from behind – the mount may kick and cause considerable damage. It often happens that the rider feels the fall.

In such a situation it is necessary to take the feet out of the stirrup and let the body fall to the given side. After the fall, move away from the animal’s limbs as soon as possible. A good solution is to roll up into a ball. If there is no need to protect your head – you should not stretch your hands to absorb the fall. This behaviour creates the risk of breaking the limb.

Falling off a horse also requires a decision to hold or let go. In an enclosed area it is much safer to let go. While riding in the field it is worth trying to keep them. A frightened horse can hurt itself or other people present on the equestrian trail.

Nevertheless, following these instructions is not appropriate in every situation. Horses throwing and believing it is much safer to just let go. The rider can get entangled in the rider’s hand and be tormented by the horse.

The rider’s behaviour after falling off the horse

A moment after a fall from a horse, a profit and loss balance must be made. The most important thing is to calm down and check for possible injuries. If there is no damage, you can continue your equestrian training. In case of severe pain, ask for help immediately. After a fall from a horse there are serious injuries.

So it is not worth ignoring the symptoms, because you can only hurt yourself. It is also a good idea to analyse the whole event. Perhaps it will help to avoid similar falls in the future. And in the case of initial training – it is much better to give yourself into the hands of a riding instructor.